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Chess - Does anyone play?


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I used to play and was taught by my father who was a very aggressive player, he hated it when I finally learnt enough to beat him.

I had a mate who lived across the road and we would play many an evening with a nice Cognac and chill, not really needing to say much, just enjoy each others company.

I have just watched the Queens Gambit on Netflix, an absolutely fantastic series with brilliant acting and wonderful story line.

So during this latest lock down, I plan to play remotely with my family.

I wondered about passing the time with mates whilst imaging on those long winter nights?

Does anyone else play?

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Posted by: @mick
Posted by: @Jkulin

For those who watched Queens Gambit on Netflix: -


? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

? ? ? 


If she moves to the wrong square, that Bishop will have her.

Maybe but she has a knight 4 squares away and its her move ? ? ? 


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