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Tadpole Nebula


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I had my first go at the tadpole nebula last night. I got 77x300s subs so about 6.5 hours data, 50 darks and bad pixel map. no flats.

pretty happy up till ow, will try and get another 6.5 hours of oIII and 6.5 hours of S2. see if I can get this up to higher levels :)

I tried dithering, but it was messing up my stars, unsure why, but to be honest, I don't think dithering would improve this image much. 


I need to shoot new darks though as these where shot at -10 and the subs at 0c.

Gear used:

Mount: Skywatcher EQ6-R

Power: Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advanced

Scope: Altair Astro 125 EDF Doublet with Field Flattener

Heating: Altair Astro Dew Straps

Main imaging: Altair Astro Hypercam 183M Pro TEC

Filters: SX USB Filterwheel 

             - H-alpha 6nm

             - SII 6nm

             - OIII 6nm

             - Altair Astro quad band filter (for another cam)

             - Altair Astro  L-pro MAX Filter

Focusser: Pegasus Focus Cube v2

Guide Cam: Altair Astro 327 GPCAM

Guide Scope: Altair Astro MG32

Targeting Aid: Altair Astro Red Dot Finder 


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