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Photoshop Thread Q&A's


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I have always used Photoshop and find it does everything I need.

I have made a number You Tube tutorials if any-one wants to take a look.  They are only 10 minutes long each because I am using free software which limits the recording to 10 minutes.

I have picked up lots of tips over the years and some are included in these tutorials.

I thought we could also ask questions and post tips on here.

This is a link to my website page with the You tube videos listed and links to them. 




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Posted by: @Carastro

I thought we could also ask questions and post tips on here.

I tend to use Photoshop to do a final tweak on the colours, and maybe to crop or resize the image for various platforms. I know there are numerous ways in Photoshop to adjust colours, selective colour being a favourite. I have always used the color mixer in camera raw to adjust the hue, saturation and luminance with the targeted adjustment tool. I have done it this way for years with non astro images, and find it works fine for me.

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