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Hello from Staly Vagas.

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That's Stalybridge which is 8 miles due east of Manchester for those that don't come from around these parts. First off I am declaring that I'm a bit of a spud when it comes to forums and how to use them but I just wanted to meet some like minded people and hopefully learn some new stuff and make some new friends.

I've been looking into the heavens through one tube or another for a number of years now, in fact I bought my first telescope from Aldi, yes you heard right, Aldi but fortunately it didn't put me off. I graduated to an 8 inch Skywatcher reflector mounted on an EQ5 mount which I added motors to as I wasn't very good at twiddling the knobs. To be honest it was a revelation and now, even though I would say I'm still very much an amateur, I absolutely love it.......astronomy that is, and now I'm proud to say that I've sent many a none believer to sleep whilst rattling on about all things astro. They say hollow vessels make the loudest noises!

My kit now consists of an Ascension 127mm ED Triplet and a Skywatcher AZ/EQ6GT mount. I also use an Opticstar 80mm ED Doublet and a Lunt 50mm THa solar scope. 

Astro Photography is my most recent endeavour. I've been taking single shot images through an unmodified Cannon 60d for a while now and more recently stepped up to a a ZWO-ASI385MC cool camera and a ZWO ASI224MC for my finderscope. I'm about to plumb these items through a ZWO ASIAIR PRO smart wifi box for the first time as opposed to my laptop in a bread bin! Fingers crossed. Clear skies are the only thing missing!




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Posted by: @Sonyme

laptop in a bread bin!

Love it.  Lol.

I bought my first telescope from Asda, but after one night trying to use it took it back and got a refund.  2nd Telescope was a step better - again from a High street shop, a Celestron 114 Powerseeker.  The scope was brilliant, but the EQ1 mount left a lot to be desired.  Then bought an ETX 105 which was a big step up, with GOTO, and then finally bought myself a GOT Equatorial mount as I got into imaging.

Welcome to BYA, and as you say making new friends.



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Thank you for the warm welcome. If I remember correctly the Aldi scope was a four and a half inch reflector which now resides with a family member who also like looking up into the heavens. My next scope was an eight inch Skywatcher reflector which I sold to raise some of the money I needed to buy my 127mm Ascension ED Triplet APO. 

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