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Veil Nebula - wide field mosaic

Stub Mandrel

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This isn't the entire Veil, but is most of it. Two overlapping panes from my ED66 which is 400mm focal length and the ASI1600.

A target that would never look right in the Hubble palette!

This is a narrowband image, but mapped Ha-red, Sii - green, Oiii - blue which gives surprisingly natural star colours.

Help! It doesn't seem to want to display as a linked image? It works in the editor though...



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Lovely image Neil.

I had the same problem with images not showing even though they did appear in the editor.

The problem is that BYA will only display images using https:

The SSL certificate on your site expired just over a year ago, so this platform won't show your site's content.

Most web hosting companies provide SSL certificates as part of the package, so if you contact their support and tell them that the SSL certificate expired on 7/11/2019 then they should sort it out.

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