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I last attempted this about 3 years ago, but the filters I was using created halos, time to try again.

This has taken me 4 attempts in Pixinsight to get to this as with my skies it presented a challenge with the processing.

Taken with my GSO/Altair 10" F7.9 Truss, Moravian G2-8300 MkII & FW, iOptron 120EC, Pegasus UPB & Focuser, Chroma 2" Unmounted Filters.

A nice way to fully christen the new replacement dome ?

More info


: - https://www.astrobin.com/vpgt3u/

Here's the Bumpf: -

The Iris Nebula, also known as NGC 7023 and Caldwell 4, is a bright reflection nebula and Caldwell object in the constellation Cepheus. NGC 7023 is actually the cluster within the nebula, LBN 487, and the nebula is lit by a magnitude +7 star, SAO 19158. It shines at magnitude +6.8. It is located near the Mira-type variable star T Cephei, and near the bright magnitude +3.23 variable star Beta Cephei (Alphirk). It lies 1,300 light-years away and is six light-years across.

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