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Astronomy gear might be stuck at Felixstowe port


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Posted by: @MarkAR

Another ridiculous situation. Wonder if theres a container with a load of gear waiting to be delivered to Altair.

I have had a telescope on order since July(not from Altair), was told it would be delivered in September, then it got pushed back to November. 3 weeks ago I was told it had been pushed back until March next year, but yesterday I got an email saying the scope will be delivered in 5 days time, once the paperwork had been sorted out. At the moment it seems the right leg doesn't know what the left leg is doing, regarding the import/export situation.

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You are not alone. I have a customer who regularly ships machines worldwide in containers.

Earlier this year (when a lot of countires were locked down) bringing parts into England was a problem because ships would not sail unless they were full. Parts were often 3 or 4 weeks late. When he tried to ship from England to the Middle East, travel time was much longer as ships were stopping at all ports, to collect any cargo they could find on the way. At the same time the cost of shipping a container almost doubled.

Now he is struggling to ship a full machinery package in one container. He is having to use two 20ft containers because 40ft containers are unavailable. Yes this increases shipping cost and he needs an extra wheelbarrow for the additional paperwork.

How much of the current situation is caused by the virus, brexit stockpiling, or all the 40ft containers being full of Christmas decorations from China is anyone's guess. Maybe we will see things improve in 2021.

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