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M33 - Interrupted!


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This was intended to be a 5 hour run but the West of Ireland clouds had other ideas. It ended up as only 22 x 180s ISO800 so just over 1 hour.

This was on my venerable old 8" LX200GPS on its wedge so its cropped to remove the worst of the nasty coma but the stars are still not great. Camera was the almost as old EOS1100D.

I may go back and get some more time on it but I'll probably look to other targets for now.

C & C welcome and appreciated.


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Posted by: @MarkAR

Looks pretty good to me, colour is just right. Stars are a bit iffy, wonder if it's wort try the StarFixer app.

Yes stars are dodgy. As I said in the post it's with my old lx200 and even with the ff/fr I get awful coma.

Star fixer? Never heard of it - off we go to google ? 

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Posted by: @Jkulin

That's lovely David, you may have slightly clipped the black, did you grab any Ha?

Lovely image though ? 

Thanks John, I think you are right - maybe with only 1 hr data I pulled BP up a bit to much to reduce background noise ( not consciously of course ? )

I have a Astronomik Ha 12nm clip in and was thinking to get some Ha for this - but I'm also thinking it would benefit from more RGB first - what do you think?


And then of course with my current average of 1 clear night per month there are so many other targets begging for attention I feel bad putting more time into something I've already got an image on - one of the perennial dilemmas of AP I guess. ? 



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@Dmack1 Hi David, Its a really good image and can understand what you are saying about the noise.

I used to work on trying to grab all the data in one night and then move on, but now I much prefer to gather a minimum of 7-10 hours and that seems to work for me.

I've just started a new subject that I think I am going to need 20 hours on to do it justice Sh2-188, so as the stars are going anywhere in my lifetime I figure to take my time.

I wrote a database and part of it included logging the best months to view, so if I think I am going to wait a year to finish, then I will take flats (I already have darks and Bias's) and keep those files separate until the following years.

As for the RGB and Ha, I'd grab as much as you can spare of both and then you can be selective.


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