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How do you all cope with no dark skies for three months?!

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As I realized my interest and began observing the skies in earnest late last September I was awestruck, and never gave a thought to the fact that there are in fact no dark skies where I live between the middle of May and late August, because I live at 60 deg N.

Right now it's been a month since I used either of my telescopes, though I have had good nights with binoculars and the bigger star clusters. Summer solstice is still more than a month away and I'm dreading the long wait until I can actually see a black sky again. Even Orion has hidden itself!


On the other hand it is the season for motorbiking, fishing and being outdoors so I'll find stuff to do in the evenings, it's just the revelation that I just can't expect to be able to see faint deep sky objects whenever I want that gets me down.


Do you have any specific hobbies that you alternate with stargazing? Which are they?

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I do woodworking making furniture and musical instruments. I do this year round but this year with the appalling cloud cover we have been having in the UK have been able to do much more.

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I present quite a few astro talks, so immerse myself in research for those.

I also re-process old data using new algorithms and processes to try to improve and keep my skills up.


If the old adage is true about buying astro gear borking the weather, someone must've been spending a fortune.!

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Posted (edited)

Summer is a good time to do the lengthy mount strip down & rebuild you I have been putting off for years.

When the machine shop is busy for a week or two, or parts are slow to arrive, it doesn't matter.


If like me you have a wood shed observatory, get out with the preservative and other repairs.
If you observe from the garden, does any hard standing need attention?


Then of course there is (affordable) white light solar and (bank breaking) Ha solar.


Lots to do. Which first? 🤔

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