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Supernova in M101

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Thanks Terry for flagging this, I saw a few images already posted up - looks rather bright.

I had packed all my imaging kit away for its summer hibernation, but as I had completed a M101 image prior to packing everything away - I am thinking to grab a few hours and see if I can merge my before supernova and after supernova images (assuming I can get enough integrtion time and reasonable quality with no astro dark at the moment)

Anyway - long way of saying I've woken my astro gear out of hibernation and setup in obsy this afternoon with hope that next few nights are predicted clear and I can capture a supernova,



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I got the bulletin from the AAVSO about this supernova a few days ago. Photometry is my thing rather than imaging. The increase in brightness of this star is astonishing. From magnitude 21 to about 11  in just a few days. It would be great to see comparison images of M101.


I was out last night doing time sequences of the star.



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3 hours ago, woodblock said:

It would be great to see comparison images of M101.


all going well I will have another data set tonight - making it three nights in a row imaging M101 with SN 2023ixf, I’m going to integrate everything over weekend and generate an image , but if you need access to subs for analysis I’m happy to share and I happen to have imaged M101 without the supernova back in - April for comparison- drop me a PM and we can work out what data might be helpful and we can set up a cloud share.




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Here are my snapshots

Captured 28th and 29th into the 30th May 2023 with EKOS/Kstars on an Astroberry equipped Raspberry Pi4 (still experimenting with NINA on a PC so still using old faithful)

  • Camera ASI 294MM
  • Scope WO ZS103 
  • 100 x 30 seconds red
  • 100 x 30 seconds blue
  • 100 x 30 seconds green
  • 50 x 360 second Ha

Processed with Pixinsight with RCAstro tools




and annotated below



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