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Before and after images of Supernova 2023IXF in M101 .... 17May and 22May 2023 Ha L RGB

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I was lucky to have been capturing data on M101 for a few nights up to and including 17 May 23. When the news of the Supernova hit I decided to reimage the area on 21/22 May. Just a lucky break but an interesting project to have worked on. A total of 8.8 hours of data at F3.6 from a 10-inch Newtonian and an IMX571 mono camera and Ha L RGB filters. I encourage others to have a look at the Supernova as it is bright and very easy to find.








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one of the members in our Astronomy group mentioned it yesterday morning.. my reading suggests the brightness of these events is difficult to predict.


The following article gives some of the background.  https://earthsky.org/todays-image/supernova-in-m101-pinwheel-galaxy-closest-in-a-decade-how-to-see/


While we have clear weather I will try and capture some more data to see if the brightness fluctuates.



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This is my last update on M101 for about one week, off on holidays. Going to continue to follow the news very closely. Last night I shot just 30 minutes (about 2 frames each of HaRGB and a few short luminance exposures) which is a stupidly small amount of data just to monitor the Novas' progress.


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