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Hello from Northants

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I am dipping my toe over here so to speak, I'm not really a prolific poster, but I am very much in the astrophotography camp. Some of you may recognise part of my username from SGL, however I use AstroBDLbug on AstroBin as well.
I have recently started narrow band imaging, after a long conversation last year at IAS with Ian King (how long ago does that feel.....) and also moved into using a Raspberry Pi4 to control my kit using Kstars/Ekos/INDI. @Gina to thank for that as I followed a lot of her posts over on SGL. I have my kit in a SkyShed POD - a nice blue one, but no zenith table.

I am currently enjoying using ASI1600MM paired with Samyang 135mm F2 lens for widefield and a trio of 7nm Optilong Ha, Oiii & Sii filters.

I am currently working on a mosaic around Auriga and did manage to capture 2.5hrs on SH2-204,commonly known as Spaghetti nebula, earlier this week when there was a miraculous clear(ish) sky for about 3 hrs - and yes it is faint and I'm wondering how many decades it may take to capture meaningful Oiii ...

Hopefully I will get more engaged with threads and comments on here..


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