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Cepheus Zoo, an Elephant, a Bat, a Seahorse and an Elusive Squid

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Update : noticed when platesolved I also have the dark nebula B150 in the FOV - known as the Seahorse nebula, so another animal to add to the zoo...


Past two nights have been clear(ish) in my area,  albeit with  high humidity , relatively poor transparency plus a moon still hanging around - I didn't really have high hopes that I would end up with an image. However I kept the plan going over the two nights and captured 12 hrs of data using Samyang 135mm with Optolong L-Extreme and ASI2600MC.


I processed the resultant 144 subs this afternoon and added a bit of old data from 2020 again using Samyang 135mm but with ASI1600 and  Optolong 7nm Ha, Oiii, Sii filters, that was 4hrs of colour/luminance added around IC1396.


I am really happy that I  caught  the squid - I didnt have to push anything hard on post process stretch, I just used GHS for stretching and little local colour saturation on Squid to give it a little more impact. I have substantially reduced the starfield otherwise it just becomes a sea of stars.



Imaging  Lenses   Samyang 135mm F2.0 ED UMC
Imaging Cameras :  ZWO ASI2600MC Pro , ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
Mounts :  iOptron CEM26
Filters :    Optolong L-eXtreme 2" , Optolong H-Alpha 7nm 1.25" , Optolong OIII 6.5nm 1.25" ,  Optolong SII 6.5nm 1.25"


Acquisition details

Dates:    9 Sep 2020 ·  10 Sep 2020 ·  4 Sep 2023 ·  5 Sep 2023
    Optolong L-eXtreme 2": 144×300″(12h)

    Optolong OIII 6.5nm 1.25": 44×120″(1h 28′)
    Optolong SII 6.5nm 1.25": 45×120″(1h 30′)

    Optolong H-Alpha 7nm 1.25": 40×120″(1h 20′)

Integration:     16h 18′








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7 minutes ago, mightymonoped said:

Was the Samyang wide open at f2?


thank you - as usual

with me the FOV was a bit ad hoc , when I set up the plan initially in ASIair and centred on sh2-129, the infamous squid I realised I could bring IC1396 into the FOV - this was the result. I should plan better with Telescopius 🧐


And yes Samyang opened to f2 



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