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NGC7000 - North American Nebula and Cygnus Wall

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A popular and iconic summer imaging target. I went a bit deeper on this one and there is a lot of detail in narrowband, I was surprised how much structure is in Sii.

This is a straight forward SHO mix, no dynamic combinations on this version.


I've got the companion Pelican Nebula in progress, hoping that there will be some clear skies over next week to capture Oiii and then I will process the entire area as a two panel mosaic, but for now  this region, NGC7000 has so much detail and subtle structure that the SHO pallette highlights, guess that was its original intent of the three channel mix.


Anyway, this is a 14hr project, 6hrs of Ha and 6hrs Sii, only 2hrs 15min of Oiii all 3nm Antlia filters, usual Stellamira 90mm APO and ASi2600MM.


Hopefully back next week sometime with the second episode.








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