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Kris N

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I finally processed the image of M51 I took some 17 months ago. I am not in a rush, am I? Hahaha 🤣  I did a quick process of it when I first took it, but I was never happy with the final result, there was a lot I had to learn about PixInsight. I had only been using the software for 4 months back then, and this was also one of the first images that I took with a dedicated astro camera. The previous couple of pictures were taken with a narrowband filter, so using an LPRO MAX in my Bortle 8-9 location was definitely a new experience. 😬


I thought it was the time to give this one a good go and here it is, I am pleased with it considering the pixel scale and conditions I have here. What always intrigued me about the M51 neighbourhood was that there is a galaxy cluster, just below it, close to the star HIP66004, and it is estimated to be 2 billion ly away from here. It is one of the most distant objects visible with an amateur telescope. I worked on this area separately and I have also attached it, I know it's only a few red dots, but it's still a catch! 🙂


I have also attached a picture of the 1st quick process of the same data done in April last year. It's incredible what is hidden in the data and how important processing is at the end of the day.


This was taken with Altair 102 ED-R with a 0.79 reducer, imx571, focal length 564mm, pixel scale 1.347 arcsec/pixel, SkyTech LPRO MAX  Filter, 7h 48' exposure. Sky quality at 17.96 SQM (rather bright 😅).



Full resolution here:

M51 Final - crop 1300.jpg

M51 Final.jpg

Galaxy Cluster Final marked.jpg

Final 1.jpg

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6 minutes ago, TerryMcK said:

I like the colours in this great image. 

Thank you Terry! It is the first time I applied DBE before SPCC (I used to do it the other way around) and I must say it had an impact on hue. The reds became more prominent, it all seems just better balanced. I have no idea why, but I will take it! :classic_biggrin:

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