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Sixth Session This Year!

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Well, I've beaten last year's total for September, by one. 20/9/23 21:00-00:00. Sixth session! Sky was clearer than previous sessions. Which was odd considering the rain earlier and the overall dampness. Had some good views in the Summer Triangle with the Eudiascopic, particularly the Veil Nebula and M29. The Ring Nebula was easy at 60x (SvBony WA). The Double Double was good at 90 & 120x.




Turning my attention to Cassiopeia I had a really nice view of Caroline's Rose, as well as other things.




I could just about make out the Hercules Clusters at 10.2x. Oddly M92 seemed the brighter of the two. I was particularly proud of splitting Iota Cass at 90x with the 4mm Tak' ortho' (90x), and then again at 144x. 




I switched to the Tak' prism for Saturn and then Jupiter. I thought the image of planetary detail was slightly more contrasted than the dielectric, or it was my imagination lol. Alsad split well at 144x, could just discern both stars at 90x.




Saturn at transit looked good at 90x, 120x and 144x. Although Jupiter was easier at 90x. The Jovian equatorial detail was quite well defined for a 60mm objective. Not a long session, and fairly damp, although this didn't seem to affect the viewing particularly. Eventually the wet conditions won and I decided to call it a night. I enjoyed the session immensely. 


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I think around Tuesday next week Schroter's Valley should be visible on the Moon. Maybe time for Middle Mak?




I have a few eyepieces ready.




Celestron zoom




Plus 7 & 9mm SW UWA's and a 6mm Vixen SLV.



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