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Mars - 22 Nov 2020

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This is my 1st successful session imaging Mars since 4 Nov, so well over 2 weeks ago. It is also quite possibly my last session imaging the red planet this apparition, but you never know.... ? 

Mars is receding from Earth quite quickly and now only displays a disc diameter of 16 arcseconds, about 75% of what was seen at closest approach early/mid October, that said, it is still about as big as it will be at maximum when it comes around again in 2 years time.

Seeing on 22 Nov was poor to fair at best, but I have finally managed to get an image with Olympus Mons fairly central and also a hint of the 3 Tharsis volcanoes.


Overall this apparition has been by far my most successful season with Mars, in which I've managed to get data for most of the planet, albeit of varying quality, so my next goal is to see whether I can create a map of the entire planet.


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