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M42 Reprocessed

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I was going over some old data that I obtained of M42 Orion Nebula back in December 2020. I was using my ASI183MC OSC for this.

As we know M42 is a bright object and I didn't get much data on it. I took just 17 x 3 minute exposures giving a total integration time of 0.85 hours. I don't use my OSC much nowadays but appreciate it for doing quick compositions. It is sensitive and with the new PixInsight methods it processes well.


This was taken in a different location in the garden than normal as my aspect east is not that good. Lots of trees, a LED streetlight and a neighbours house block many targets in that direction. However on this occasion Orion was favorable for around 90 minutes from 21:00 until around 22:30. I also took 30 x 60 second exposures but haven't integrated them into this image as HDRMultiscaleTransform worked its wonders on the core.


  • Scope William Optics ZS103 with Flat6A x0.85 flattener/reducer
  • Camera ZWO ASI183MC Pro set at 111 gain, 8 offset, Bin 1x1
  • Mount SkyWatcher HEQ5Pro
  • Filter ICAS Enterprises, Japan IDAS D2


Processed first of all with GraXpert in AI mode then entirely with PixInsight using the usual RCAstro tools. Halos around the bright stars could be better but of course limited by the bandwidth of the filter which is particularly effective at filtering LED lights and other forms of light pollution. ICAS don't make the D2 filter anymore and at the time it was probably the only one that filtered led streetlights but they have an equivalent as do many other manufacturers nowadays.



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