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Going on holiday with your family, and a dog, can put serious limitations on the amount of astronomy equipment you can take with you. So, having seen an interesting gadget advertised on the web I decided to see if I could cobble together a useful bit of kit for when space is at a premium. 

By using the Skywatcher AZ- GTI mount and tripod and adding the new RVO counterbalance and tube holder I've been able to construct a surprisingly compact rig. The rig incorporates a QHY CCD Polar Scope, Samyang F2 135mm lens and Altair GP camera. Shortly I'll be adding an ZWO ASI cooled camera which I can connect to my ZWO ASI AIR Pro smart wifi controller. I can extend the counterbalance arm and still only use the small weight supplied although it does stick out a little bit.

Truth is I haven't got a clue if this is going to work and I know I may have to try different lenses to get a reasonable result. If it works I'll let you know. ?





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