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Lunar mosaic - 23 panels


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This is some data that I obtained on 31st March, but for some reason I never processed it.    This weekend,  I was clearing out my hard drive and I had a quick look at one of the "ser" files.  Good grief!  Each single frame looks as good as a complete stack would look after processing.

I can only assume that the seeing was rock steady that night.So, I've put the lot together with minimal processing.  Each frame has been stacked with a bit of sharpening in in AutoStakkert2.  The frames were then lined up in Gimp.  One frame had a bit of Brightness/Contrast adjustment, but apart from that, no image processing has been done.

Equipment:  Tal200K at 2000mm,  ASI120mc.  Image reduced to 75% size and quality to fit forum limits.

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