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Hello, Bonjour, Buenos dias! G'day, Guten-Tag, Konichiwa... Ciao, Shalom, Do-Brey dien!


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I signed up when the forums went live, then completely forgot about them ? ? 

So, months delayed... HELLO!

I'm Luke, I live in cloudy Cambridgeshire around the Fens.. very flat, very rainy, very cloudy...

I've been in and out of astronomy and photography for a long time, my first astro pics were back in 2007, but then didn't do anything until 2016-2017.  Two young kids and I didn't really do a lot, other than spend money on equipment I rarely used!!

This year I've finally started to settle, although with the UK weather this side of the country continuing to be bad, I think I'll miss the winter stars ? ? 

I've been a fan of Altair since I found them, and physically found they are close to one of our offices so pre-Covid enjoyed popping in for chats!



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My Profile Pic is me hanging off the edge of a cliff in Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately the nights we were there, and in Yosemite, were very cloudy and I never got to see the amazing clear skies and Milky Way :(

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