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Timing tape for camera angle.


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I'd like to share this little nugget of info as I've found it really useful to accurately adjust the camera angle accurately. 


Measure the diameter of your camera (or of whatever you want to rotate) and go to the following site to create a timing tape.


This will map 360 degree marking onto the circumference on your camera in the form of a tape which you can print and stick on.

This is what it looks like on my rig, I use the screw to measure the angle against.



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Posted by: @Wyvern
Posted by: @geoflewis

Ah ok, from looking at the site I just assumed that it was printed on metal or plastic or something more durable. Cheers, Geof

Ahh ok, no all the site does is generate a picture for you to download and print yourself.

Doh..!! So only limited by the paper size of the printer. Definitely worth having a play.

Many thanks, Geof

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