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The future of ap???


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I found this video which is excellent and wanted to share.

it's one of those vids that likely should be fixed at the top of a section of its own - doesn't exist yet but starts with smart scope imaging...

It would not have been possible years ago without modern cameras however we can already see the little smart scopes coming through which are just mini versions of this.

I'm not trying to compare this to most of my fellow forum members rigs, however there is a gap which some of us try to get to - AP with big mirrors while on a budget and this guy is doing it very well.

I would still recommend anyone trying to get into ap goes for a wide field refractor first, however this is something different which is definitely going to be more common in future.

I'll be getting this rigged up for our societies public evenings with a skywatcher goto dob and live stacking.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did...


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