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Make councils shield LED street Light


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@stub-mandrel has started a petition on https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/562394 to force councils to shield LED street lights upon installation, not when they have a complaint and do it retrospectively, we need to share the hell out of this so councils are forced to do it.

We need to share the hell out of this on FB and any other social channels: -

Require councils to add shades to LED street lamps automatically

Make councils add shades to LED street lamps automatically rather than make residents request councils to add them after the fact.

At the moment councils are driven to replace sodium lighting with LEDs but these are really bright and affect sleep and dark skies for amateur astronomers.

More details

Good sleep patterns are crucial to maintain a healthy (both physically and mentally) individual.

And children really suffer with maintaining a good sleeping pattern. Especially with getting up for school and learning. And if the child suffers with any other medical issues (such as ADHD), a bad sleep pattern can be very disruptive.

Also amateur astronomers are really struggling with the night light intrusion. Bright LEDs affect observing and astrophotography.

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Thanks for posting.

Signed by me. I have also posted the gov link on SGL as (surprisingly) I could not find it there.

Coincidentally. I heard only last weekend of someone who had sleep problems due to a street light too near and too bright. She did not realise she could ask the local pollution agency (AKA Nottinghamshire County Council) to fit a shield.

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I have just signed the petition. Though I don’t have any street lights, I fully support any endeavour to reduce light pollution where possible. I was very surprised that the Petition only has 314 signatures so far and will be emailing friends for their support. This will need much greater support if it is to succeed.

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