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Auriga (extreme) Wide-Field Mosaic Project


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I made the move to narrow band ealier this year and my research took me all over the web looking at what can be imaged and the colour mixes - we have a good thread on this forum discussing narrowband colours. I 'discovered' Auriga region - the area has an amazing number of deep sky objects that just look amazing.
I started on the area with IC405 and IC410, Tadpole and Flaming Star nebuls plus a few odd gas clouds for good measure, link to Astrobin
Auriga IC405_IC410

I then realised that the infamous Spaghetti Nebula was in fact a next door neighbour to the Flaming Star and Tadpoles, so I started to image that end of October and its taken me 6 weeks to get around 16hrs of useable data in Ha,Oii,Sii on this very faint object from my bortle 5 skies in S.Northants. So this is where I am and the image I have processed (apologies to the proponents of Ha is red, I am finding the prorocesses I use to mix the channels is resulting in more gold/brown/blue, I like it.....) link to Astrobin

However my final goal is to fill in the gaps and create a full 4 panel mosaic of this region, so I have taken images I have so far and used Microsoft ICE to stitch the Ha panels together and then overlayed the colour images as a demo - below is the screen grab and also an overlay of my WIP mosaic in CdC.

May not get this finished this season as I want to put my 106mm APO on the mount and try to capture rosette in narrowband and even have a go at replicating the 'green' horsehead that Sara Wagner published a while back...
I will post updates as I go.. thanks for getting this far in my post - I do tend to ramble on,


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