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Hello from Shropshire


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Hi - I live in north Shropshire and I've been an amateur astronomer since the 1970s, but work got in the way of me doing much on the practical side. As I am now approaching retirement, I aim to change that and I'm just building my first astro imaging rig, the primary components at the moment are an HEQ5 and an Esprit 100.

I have many years experience on the admin side of amateur astronomy from local, to regional, and national level, but after 30 years of that I drew a line under it in 2006.

I'm living life backwards and I've just started work on a degree in digital imaging and photography.

My other big interest is music and I play various instruments (cello, viola da gamba, various sizes of sax, and electric bass....) in various groups / orchestras etc. 

Good job I'm retiring!

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Hi Ron - great to see you here ?   Thought I'd said hi before...  Oh well... Getting forgetful in my old age ? 

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