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I haven't been able to shoot M42 from home before due to a street light and a neighbours house being in that direction. There was also a sycamore tree that blocked most of the view. However that tree died and we had it removed earlier in 2020 and that created an opening. I had to reposition the scope to a different area of the garden and after 3 months of cloud was able to shoot the image Dec 20th 2020. I know it is an easy object but not when there are obstructions in the way!

  • Camera: 30 x 60 seconds subs with ZWO ASI183MC OSC, Gain 111, Offset 8 
  • Filter: IDAS D2
  • Scope: William Optics ZS103 with X0.8 field flattener/reducer
  • Mount: HEQ5 Pro Rowan
  • Guider: William Optics 50mmx200mm (this I later found was rattling about in the scope rings but didn't affect the guiding - I was also shooting a fainter object with much longer exposures and it didn't affect that either ).
  • Capture Hardware/Software: Raspberry PI4 running Astroberry/KStars/Ekos/ASTAP

I need to get some more short 20/30 second or reduced gain subs to blend in the blown out area around the trapezium. I might even get some OIII and Ha with the mono camera to play around a bit more.


I noticed that the running man is just in frame towards top left too.

Processed in APP, Photoshop and finished off with PixInsight.

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