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NGC7023 Iris Nebula


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While I was waiting for M42 to rise I took a few snapshots of the Iris Nebula.

This is 31 x 180 second subs - 93 minutes.

  • Camera: 31 x 180 seconds subs with ZWO ASI183MC OSC, Gain 111, Offset 8 
  • Filter: IDAS D2
  • Scope: William Optics ZS103 with X0.8 field flattener/reducer
  • Mount: HEQ5 Pro Rowan
  • Guider: William Optics 50mmx200mm (this I later found was rattling about in the scope rings but didn't affect the guiding).
  • Capture Hardware/Software: Raspberry PI4 running Astroberry/KStars/Ekos/ASTAP

It needs some more data to bring out the whispy stuff at the perimeter of the nebula but I hadn't planned to capture this at all and was just filling in time.

Processed in APP, Photoshop and finished off with PixInsight.

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