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Two Images from Christmas Eve

Stub Mandrel

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I share these images of examples of what can be done with less than perfect data. Yes, they need more data to be really good, but considering how many subs I lost to guiding glitches (the Sii on the soul is 27 out of 30 subs without guidiing - I just let the sigma kappa stacking deal with it, and it did better than expected.

Horsehead SHO (Hubble):


Horsehead HSO:


Soul SHO:

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Thanks, Part of the secret was 2 1/2 minute subs to make suer Alnitak wasn't over stretched. I then stretched those images solely in DSS(!) and just used Photoshop for the colour balancing and black point. If you take care it's s-shaped curves don't blow out the stars.

I did have problems with diffraction patterns and a big halo around Alnitak in Sii and Oii but partly solved this by using the Ha as a luminance layer. I masked in the blue reflection nebulas, then decided this didn't improve the image and took them back out.

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