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From Cygnus to Orion - The Milky Way as an Ultra Widefield Mosaic


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Using 28mm f3.5 lenses on ASI 1600MM0Cool cameras and Astrodon 3nm filters I am starting a project to cover the Milky Way in a mosaic of around 6 or 7 panels.  Each panel will have a FoV of 36x27 degrees. I shall be taking Ha and OIII wavelengths to start with and may go on to add SII later.

This is Cygnus & Cepheus in Ha and OIII.  (I'll post a bicolour version once I've sorted out hosting for the file which is ove the 1MB limit here).



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This screenshot from KStars shows the area (FoV) of the first panel.  This seems to cover the main DSOs with little in Vulpecula or Lyra.


One of the problems of making mosaics is the the camera needs rotating from one panel to the next if the panels are going to follow on neatly.  This first panel is with the cameras at -45°.  The next panel above needs turning to 0°.  This FoV is shown in the next screenshot.  To provide this I shall be making a dual imaging rig with remote camera rotation.  This will be the subject of another thread.

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