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December "Cold Moon"


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Had a small break in the clouds on Tuesday 29th Dec, and grabbed a 5 min SER file from SharpCap.

Used PIPP to create a new SER file of the best 75%, making sure the moon is perfectly centered in each frame.

I then aligned and stacked in AutoStakkert 3, the best 75% it detected.


I think I only started off with 110ish frames, so this will be around 60 frames itself.

Sharpened using PS tools, with tweaks made in PS/LR.


I need to see if I can get focus removing the 0.8x reducer/flattener.  What I also need to work out is how to make sure the focuser (DSD) doesn't lose position or I'll have to work out each filter / no filter again (not end of the world, just time consuming)



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