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IC1396 (Elephant Trunk Nebula) - Dirty Stars


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I had some horrible star coma on this, due to forgetting to change the Canon 70-200mm L F4 lens from F4 to 5.6

I ran a process to remove the stars, and tried to tidy up the mottled background.  I then created a new image from the HA extract and stretched just enough until I saw the stars.  I then ran some reduction and tried to change their shape a little.

I then added this image as a new layer to the starless, using PS to blend as "soft light"


the process didn't fully work, as you can see artifacts of the old ugly stars.  But it's come out better than I thought.   I also need to understand why I still get considerable noise (I run the 183C at -10 for imaging and all darks are calibrated fine) ... I have to run 1, maybe 2 iterations through Topaz DeNoise, which then enhances on the mottled look.  I am also dithering, but I still seem to have a lot of noise showing and in the FITS header when running through Astro Pixel Processor.


Ultimately this was the first real test for the OptoLong L-Extreme filter.

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