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IC 342

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This is an image of IC 342, from data collected last night. It is an LRGB image, total integration is 7.5 hours. Processed in Pixinsight.

This is not the brightest galaxy I've ever come across, it's very faint, and quite tricky to process. I probably need double the amount of data, to bring out more detail in the arms of the galaxy.

IC 342 (also known as Caldwell 5) is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis, located relatively close to the Milky Way. Despite its size and actual brightness, its location in dusty areas near the galactic equator makes it difficult to observe, leading to the nickname "The Hidden Galaxy".



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Posted by: @Gina

I reckon it's always nice to see something different - well done.  ? 

Thank you. I came across another object on the same night, called Kemble's Cascade, I had never heard of this one either. Unfortunately it has a FOV of 3°, way too big for my setup. It would make an excellent widefield OSC, or RGB image.

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