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Waning last quarter Moon

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When I got up this morning, I realised it was clear and the Moon was still high in the SW. I put up the HEQ5 on the patio (boy did it chill down quickly - it was -4C). Back in the summer I de-forked my 40 year-old C8 (last used in the early 90s....) and attached a dovetail plate. I'd not used it yet, but decided to give it a go and attached it to the HEQ5. Attached the visual back and attached a 1" nose piece to Nikon Z6.

The C8 is 2,000mm f/10 and on the Z6 the image fills the frame. My wireless trigger was misbehaving, so I opted for delayed shutter release. ISO 200 and various exposure from 1/80s to about 1/300s. The PNG is 39mb... so this is a very reduced image.



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@Carastro I ummed and aahed about which scope to use and decided that the Esprit at 550mm it's FL is not much longer than my old Sigma 400mm telephoto and I know that the Moon wouldn't fill the frame. The C8 is 2,000mm... It does need the corrector plate cleaning - it's grubby: I have got the stuff to clean it, but I've been putting it off...   

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