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IC410 - The Tadpoles


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I started this on Christmas Eve 2020 with my OSC camera and got around 87 decent subs of 6 minute duration. The job ran into Christmas day and I did some rough processing on the results but decided I needed some Ha with the mono camera to add to the RGB.

Over the evening of January 6th to the morning of January 7th 2021 I got 60 Ha subs of 6 minutes duration each. On top of this I captured a further 24 subs of OIII before the clouds came in. I managed to close up the tent before the snow came and as I write this on January 7th the snow is coming down heavily.

Technical details:

  • Camera 1: ZWO ASI183 MC OSC, Filter: IDAS D2
  • Camera 2: ZWO ASI183 MM Mono, Filters: 6nm Ha, 6nm OIII
  • Telescope: William Optics ZS103
  • Flattener/Reducer: William Optics x0.8
  • Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
  • Guider: William Optics 50mm with ASI120MM
  • Acquisition dates: 24/12/2020-25/12/2020 OSC, 06/01/2021-07/01/2021 Mono

Integrated with AstroPixelProcessor

Processed with PixInsight and some work with Photoshop CC2021/Topaz Noise AI 


Click on the image for a bigger view (only a jpg here though). This will probably need some more work as the stars have developed panda eyes possibly due to star size reduction.

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This time I have done something slightly different. I started out with the RGB image which was acquired Christmas Eve and used that as the reference image. Then in PixInsight I used the Channel Extract script to extract just the blue channel. So all that nice red and green was removed.

Next I used the Channel combination script to map the Ha image to red, OIII to green and the previously extracted blue layer into... blue.

The process was then to crop to what I have here.

Then after doing my usual workflow of

DBE, PCC, MLTNoise, Histogram transformation I arrived at the permanently stretched image

Some more HDRMultiscale transformation, TGVDenoise, Local Histogram Equalization and a final MLTSharpen.

Finally I ran the DarkStructure enhance script and ended up with this. 

Again the jpg does not do it justice.

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