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Flaming Star & Tadpoles Nebulae (IC405 & IC410) in bi-colour.


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Forgot to post the image information :-

Flaming Star and Tadpoles Nebulae plus other DSOs.

135mm f2.5 Asahi Super Takumar lens, 3nm Astrodon filters in ZWO EFW, ASI 1600MM-Cool camera. FoV 10° x 7.5°. EQ8 mount, no guiding.

48 Ha and 61 OIII subs of 180s (3m) exposures with gain of 300 and temperature of -25°C. Processed in PixInsight. Calibrated with darks and flats. Colour combination HOO mapped to RGB. Slightly cropped. Orientation :- North is Left.

The star cluster just below the tail of the Flaming Star is M 38. Level with M 38 and half way to Tadpoles is IC 417. Middle near the bottom is M 36.

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Posted by: @DaveS

Yes, very nice Gina, loving the colours, and the wild red hair (At least that's what it looks like to me).

Are you going to add [sII]?

Thank you Dave.  Hair is is a whiter shade of pale grey now!  Yes, I'm hoping to add SII when I get the chance.


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Posted by: @Wyvern

That's a cracking image, and really good star shapes. I've heard that they can suffer through camera lenses but clearly not here.

Thank you Wyvern.  The lenses I use are vintage SLR lenses as supplied with/for Pentax cameras and are Asahi Takumar, super Takumar or SMC (SuperMultiCoated) Takumar.  I have focal lengths of 28mm, 35mm, 55mm, 105mm, 135mm and 200mm. 2 or 3 of some FLs.  Bought cheaply from that well known auction site.  They are really superb lenses and usable even at full aperture.  Unfortunately supplies seem to have almost dried up now.


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