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Updated my M33 with new data, new HaRGB combine method


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When I was re-processing I had a quick look at the Ha subs that failed to Register, seems they were looking at a completely different bit of sky, when I go to process again I'll try an platesolve them and see exactly how far out they really are!!

This happened as Kstars crashed on the first Ha sub during one session, and I had to restart everything, seems when I restarted I must have not aligned correctly somehow.

Anyway, when I finally get a new session I will exclusively do a bunch of Ha frames, as I seriously only have  a handful of 5min subs for that, and it does appear to add nicely.

For the first time, I'm happy with my flats and dark flats, never seemed to get that good results with the last scope. I hope to do a video to demo the acquisition method and processing I used.

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