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3D printed dew shields for Apollo 22x85 observational binoculars


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Last year I purchased a pair of 22x85 observational binoculars to ride on my Orion Monster Parallelogram Mount. The combination is superb for all sky observation right through the zenith, but during unfavourable conditions the objectives can quickly mist over due to dew formation. The binoculars don't have integrated dew shields and despite looking around on-line, I haven't been able to find an inexpensive solution. Hence I asked a few of my astro 3D printing friends if a solution could be achieved that way. @Silent Running (thanks John) came to the rescue, designing a pair of long, slightly tapered dew shields, sending me a test print to check that the internal diameter would easily fit over the objectives, before printing the final items, which arrived in the post today. Here are a few images of what they look like..

[attachment=2515:name] [attachment=2516:name] [attachment=2517:name] [attachment=2518:name]

The internal diameter was deliberaly slightly oversized to all me to fit a couple of patches of sticky-backed felt, which holds them perfectly in position whilst allowing them to be easlier slid on/off the binoculars.


I now can't wait to try them out under a dark, clear sky to see how well they protect the objective lenses from dew formation

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