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Flaming Star nebula

Padraic M

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From last week's play, I've stacked 36x300s H-alpha frames. My 2 hours of RGB lights were unusable. Light pollution almost completely obliterated what little signal was present. City skies with 50% moon just don't suit broadband.


On Astrobin here.

36x300s Baader 3.5nm Ha
Esprit 80 with ASI1600mm Pro @ -20C, gain 139, offset 21.
AA Starwave 50mm and ASI290mm Mini for guiding.
Belt-mod HEQ5 Pro.

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Posted by: @padraic-m

City skies with 50% moon just don't suit broadband.

I concur with that, but I find I can get RGB provided it is combined with Ha and not Luminance which is total rubbish from Bortle 8.  So this counts out targets with no Ha.

Nice result.


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So I've reworked this image with the RGB data, creating a Ha(HaR)GB image following more advice from Carole. The Ha really boosts the red channel, as you'd expect. I was hoping that the blue reflection nebulosity would show through; it is present faintly in the blue and green channels, but isn't strong enough to show through other than as a grey smudge.

Again, this is 3 hrs Ha, 40 minutes each of RGB for a total of 5 hours integration. DSS, Starnet and Gimp.



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