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IC443 / IC444 - The Jellyfish Nebula and a small surprise


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Evening All,

Been trying to nail this one for months but with a lack of clear skies it's not been easy. Still lacking Sii subs but I've got enough for a decent image. I'm going to defend keeping the green which I know is not the norm with SHO images because I find the green gives it a really alien look and it's one of the few targets that I find which looks good in green which I think works because of the large amount of sulphur and the separation of the Oiii filaments from the rest.


HQ on link below


Composed of;

40x 600s Ha


26x 600s Sii


44x 600s Oiii


So as for the surprise I saw what I thought was an aberration in the top of the picture but it is a small planetary nebula named HoCr1 (thanks to Geof for finding it's name) which was discovered in 2006 (much to my dismay at not being the first to find it) but it isn't really very well known so well worth pointing it out.


As usual, I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Clear skies!


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Good data and a striking image. I'd also not heard of that PN before, so thanks for enlightening me on that one. I'm not sure about the green though. I couldn't help wondering what your data might look like with a "conventional" pallet, so as you took the trouble to post your channel data (and a huge thank you for that - it was nice to get some practice in as I have had so little data of my own to play with) I took the huge liberty of doing this to it...


I suspect your data deserves better than this as it is a bit noisy, but it does show that the conventional Ha/SII/OIII pallet also works really well here, particularly with the OIII highlights.

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Actually wow, that looks pretty good in that palette. Might have to do another process. 

Those were really just screenshots of the original data channels so not very good resolution at all but you have done a great job with them nonetheless.

I have some other data you can play with posted on the link below if you want to practice on it.


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