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Update - Auriga Extreme Wide Field


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I could write a novel regards the aquisition of this (nominally) 4 panel mosaic. I say nominally, as its 6 panels because during the long cloud fest we have endured since beginning of December, I tried to capture Barnards loop during one of the very brief clear events. However the sensor frosted up, I foolishly (as I now realise) unscrewed the camera to work out if I could save the session - answer no - and once the camera had a week or two in a sealed tupperware box with dessicant tins surrounding it - the next time it was cooled - no frost, but the original orientation was gone, so Spaghetti panel and flame panel were fine - the other two had two very radically orientated sessions, once weather cleared over past week... so instead of a relatively quick 1 hr per filter per panel it ended up with 3-4hrs on each and not all equal mix between filters due to moon gradients and clouds.

Also I have not processed a mosaic before, but used APP to process non-linear Ha panels and I used an invented method by creating the framework image using Ha then Registar to orientate the colour panels then blended the panels in Photoshop  - not a text book method but forced on me as my flame nebula panel source data was lost due to my laptop crashing - and despite all efforts I could not recover SSD data- so I had to use the saved Ha and colour images I had on my cloud storage. I 'thought' I had ot all backed up - clearly not......

Anyway - here we are the sum total of this season's imaging I have not calculated the integration time but its in region of 30hrs+





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thanks Peter - means a lot given the extrodinarily epic Spaghetti nebula image you posted up  last week. I would have loved to get some RGB in the mix.

Thanks everyone so far for the positive comments, I try to like everyones feedback and  its great to get support in these 'Interesting Times' to quote Mr Pratchett (as an aside my son who is a bit of an artist commented the Spaghetti Nebula looked a bit like a Turtle, so perhaps Seimis 147 is in fact Great A'Tuin  the Giant Star Turtle upon which Discworld sits..) - apologies to any non-Terry Pratchett fans

This has been my only target for months - turned into a bit of an obsession - and there are still some really interesting objects still to add, SH2-223/4/5 for example...

Might be able to start capturing some data on that if we eventually get some more clear nights, but Auriga is heading west quickly and trees and houses are to my west so may have to wait until its back in the east in October again.

thanks again everyone

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thanks Carole, after our repective images of Spaghetti nebula the project just took hold - I would say that as a fellow SkyshedPOD owner its been so useful to set up quickly if there was even a possibility of a few hours - I probably imaged for about 8-10hrs more than was included in the final integrations - and also the transistion to using a Raspberry Pi4 with astroberry/INDI means I can sit inside and 'remote image'
I re-purposed the dog-cam, as we dont go out to work these days, working at home for nearly a year - so we dont need to 'watch the dogs' - so I put the webcam in the POD so I can watch the mount/camera for any issues...

Here's the setup that captured the images



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