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Detailing the Moon

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I think my focus on the moon is as bad as when I do DSO!

Forum | Backyard Astro is my previous attempt.. here is my latest.  I didn't make the full moon due to cloud (shock, horror) 

The difference is I removed the 0.8x focal reducer/flattener.  This had my 183c screwed in to some spacers (thankfully I had enough!) and into a 2" nosepiece that slotted directly into the focuser.


Jan 30th 2021 - 97% illumination, Waning Gibbous. This moon is 16.52 days old.


I completely forgot to change resolution / RoI in SharpCap, so captured full resolution when not required.  Therefore only had around 170 frames (5 min .ser file) and used PIPP to reduce the size (2000 x 2000) and create another .ser file of the best 90% frames.

Then used AS3! to align and stack all those frames, and opened the CONV file in PS for tweaks.


I'm oddly struggling with colours.  I'm making sure that both PIPP and AS3! are set to colour, debayered correctly etc.. but still I dont get the colour I've had from my Canon 70D.


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