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M1 gremlins


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Out of two hours manage 90 minutes due to clouds (3min subs @ISO800) with my 550d on M1 but I seem to have my optics out of skew  the stars have an aura and coma. ? 


 Certainly not worth spending more time on processing. I suspect the newt is off square or the clip-in filter has an issue. Its a scope I fiddled with a lot over the summer so its probably something I've done. Time to tear it down and build it up from scratch double checking its all square- as I know it has done much better. (My modded Orion Optics 250mm with Skywatcher 2-element coma corrector.)


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The abberation appears to be all going the same way Paul, (The refraction spikes are suppressed at 2-o-clock)  may be as simple as just a serious re-collimate. Try rotating the camera 180 degrees and see if the problems remain on the same plane before you go too mad tearing the scope down. 

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I checked the scope out, it definitely was out of collimation - laser spot was on the ring. I skipped my normal checks in my haste (clear skies calling !!) - lesson learned!


I'm surprised at the magnitude of error though.


@KevSThat was a good call on the spike offset - I shall use that test.



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