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Beginner astrophotography photoshop tutorial

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4 hours ago, AstroStace said:

Hey everyone! 

popping this in the beginner section, hope it helps! 

ive tried to keep it as simple as possible 🙂 

Beginner photoshop astrophotography tutorial


Thanks Stace, I'm a bit part player in PS, with a very old CS2 version, but still found this video helpful, so thanks for sharing it.

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As a Photoshop user (though CS3) I had a quick peep.  I am sure that beginners will find this very useful.  


Only problem I find with some on line tutorials though, not just this one, is it's really difficult to see the writing in the tools boxes because it is so small.  But you explain it well, so hopefully everyone can follow it OK, or perhaps they have a bigger screen than me or better eyesight.  Ha ha. 



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43 minutes ago, Astrodad said:

Yes I've found with someone of the ones I've watched they do something sometimes and forget to say that they have just pressed this or that and you then can't get it to work properly 


I found Nico from Nebula Photos has some very good Photoshop and Gimp tutorials, easy to follow and informative. I'm a Pixinsight guy myself, but I'm interested in all methods of processing.

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37 minutes ago, Carastro said:

Not sure how you do it, but I have seen some videos where you can put a magnifying glass on the cursor, and I don't think it needs to be on all the time.

If you are using windows 10. Right click the start button, go into Settings, ease of access. Choose magnifier, turn it on, then select Change Magnifier view, select the lens option. You will now have a large square magnifier on your cursor. To change magnification, press Ctrl + Alt and use the middle scroll button on the mouse. To change back to a normal cursor press the Windows logo + Esc.


The simpler method is press the Windows logo + the + key to turn the magnifier on. Press Ctrl + Alt + L to select the lens view. The magnification and escape are as above. This is what it looks like in real life.



Magnifying Glass.jpg

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also, for what its worth if you are on WINDOWS10 the WINDOWS Key and + zooms in, WINDOWS Key and - key zooms out



apologies I just saw this same thing above and could not delete this comment .. grrrr


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