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First light with the 269c pro TEC - Literally like a kid at Christmas!!


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After around 7 weeks after getting the 269c I finally had my first go. It was xmas eve and the weather was amazing. Sunny clear skies all day and then long into the night. I was like a child at Christmas, I was so excited. Everything went smoothly for a change and I found my target. There was a big waxing gibbous moon nearby so I went with my AA quad band filter. I'm absolutely blown away with what I collected in just 3 hours. This is IC 1396 - The Elephant's Trunk Nebula located in the constellation of Cepheus. First light was an amazing success and I can't wait to continue using the camera!


36x300s plus calibration frames at -5 degrees

SharpCap Pro, APP, Photoshop


SW 72ED, HEQ5 Pro, AA 269c pro TEC, AA quad band, AA 0.8 reducer/flattener.

AA Starwave 50mm, GPCAM2 290c for guiding



3hrs_IC_1396_-5_300S PS PNG no2.png

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11 hours ago, MartinS said:

An image to be proud of and one that we all strive for. I hope you get some clear skies this month and look forward to seeing a broadband image with this camera.



Thanks Martin. I'm really hoping I can get broadband too but not looking likely at the moment 🙈

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