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Hello from Stockport


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Greetings, I'm Mark, from Stockport near Manchester and a some time resident of the planet you call Earth. ? 
I have had an interest in astronomy, space and science in general since back when I was youngling in the great decade of the 1970's.  Despite my interest, I only got around to taking the plunge into the hobby and got my first telescope back in 2012 when I'd heard a rumour that it was the end of the world and those looking closely towards the stars could easily thumb a lift off it. ? Still waiting ? 

While at first I was a satisfied observer, it wouldn’t be long before my other interests of photography were combined with my astronomy interests.

At that point like many others, I fell down the rabbit hole that is astro-photography, starting simply with my SLR camera, lenses and tripod, then progressing to afocal telescope imaging with a camera and smartphone and over the last few years on to more advanced areas of imaging including lunar, planetary, solar and deep space imaging that have turned my once bulging wallet into a black hole of joy and frustration in equal measure.

I’m always keen to learn more about astro-photography from others, to refine and improve my own techniques and to share the journey with like-minded folk. I hope I can contribute to help others here as much as others have educated and enlightened me over the last few years, on what can be a steep learning experience for beginners.

So that's a little bit about me, the bits I'm comfortable revealing in a family friendly forum anyway. ? 

There is a link to my Flickr page below (or click on the image) which shows off some of what I've accomplished over the last few years, some ok, some probably a bit iffy but I'm continuing to enjoy the progression of the climb, whilst living in possibly one of cloudiest places in the UK, sunny Manchester.

My Flickr Page


Thanks for looking and clear skies.



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