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Another Widefield Mosaic - Narrowband Bi-Colour Monoceros Molecular cloud with Rosette & Cone Nebula in HOO


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Hi all,

getting late but been working on this all evening - didn't thinkn I would get an image out of the data aquired last Wednesday night as something has gone a bit wrong with my setup and focus is not consistant accross the image plane - think it may be that the lens has moved and the scope ring I use to stabilise it slipped so there is tlit somewhere. So the image has a few dodgy stars around center and right - but if you dont pixel peep - the widefield experience is still available 🙂

I have also mixed in some higher resolution Ha taken of Cone Nebula and Rosette with my AT106EDT  in 2018.


I had planned to do a 4 pane mosaic, but aformentioned focus issue curtailed that - so this is 3 panels

Samyang135mm F2


Optolong Ha & Oiii

45 X 240s Ha

45 X 240s Oiii


I used a HOO pixel math equation set that I found on coldest nights webpages

Ha/Oiii :

  • R = Ha
  • G = ((Oiii*Ha)^~(Oiii*Ha))*Ha + ~((Oiii*Ha)^~(Oiii*Ha))*Oiii
  • B = Oiii


Processed with APP, Pixinsight and Photoshop




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