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Lacerta Coma Corrector 2" for up to f/4


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Being impulsive and over critical of my images I have decided to buy the above from 365.  

Looking at my M1 image  I was disappointed by the diffraction spikes - I was fairly confident the focus was right and with all the various upgrades I've made I was hoping for better.  Reading around it seems the item I have been happy with for many years, my Skywatcher 0.9 CC may be limiting the detail I can achieve with its inherent Spherical Aberration giving round but fatter stars and wide spikes.

Most of the positive comments I have read are for F4-4.5 newts. I'm expecting the focuser will move out a bit and some more vignetting relative to the SW but does anyone have experience with the Lacerta on an F4.8 newt? 


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Hi Paul,


I bought one of these about a year ago for when my 10" Newt was ready to be rebuilt by Peter Shah, first light was with the Phantom of the Opera, which I am still gathering data on.


Peter rebuilt the complete Newt with a Carbon Tube, Octoplus R&P focuser, Orion Optics UK Custom Spider and using the Orion UK F4.8 1/10 Wave Mirror, I still have some very slight collimation issues and a small amount of tilt to fix, but it is up and running, here's the Ha after a very quick process using that Lacerta Corrector: -


Peters comment was that it appears excellent, so let us know how it compares for you,

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Thanks John, that image is very encouraging (and it looks like that spider paid off for you!). The item has gone to back order so I'll have to wait some time for first light.

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The Lacerta CC arrived in the post this morning, I guess 7 weeks is not bad in the current circumstances. 

In the meantime I have replaced the focuser on my OO with the low-profile SW upgrade crayford which should hold it well. The old focuser (itself a second hand one that replaced the original OO 1.25" rack 'n' pinion focuser) was literally worn out. The 2" hole was no longer round 😄 and didn't cope well with new camera weight I put on it. The rolled aluminium tube of the scope is very stiff so I don't expect any issues there but I do have a new project to brace the rolled aluminium rings - they wobble - a lot!

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