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The Horse Head Nebula in LRGB and Ha

peter shah

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thanks again everyone ....I'm really pleased with it

2 hours ago, paulgrover68 said:

That's really awesome. I genuinely never knew the horsehead itself had colour in it.

Its quite remarkable the pink seems to travel down then there is the reddish brown in the dark stuff with the blue reflection from NGC2023

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11 hours ago, Astrobdlbug said:

......speechless - an amazing image Peter- the detail in the horsehead is spectacular 



4 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

That’s one of the best horse heads I’ve ever seen. Really good work Peter.


13 minutes ago, MartinS said:

I struggle to think of words to describe this image so in the voice of Pop Larkin “Perfick” . First image I’ve seen that clearly shows the horses back as it appears to jump into the light-wave, Majestic.

Thank you....... I was please to be able to show the extension of the horses neck right into the darker fluff

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4 hours ago, MartinS said:


Deconvolution is next on my list of “Learning Pixinsight”, do you have any advice for the beginner?

The best thing to say about Deconvolution is using masks is essential, carefully select your masks. PI is very good for creating masks and will make light work, also when selecting stars for your PSF image don't mix Moffat measurements with Gaussian. 

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