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Jupiter & Saturn's Conjunction on Dec 21rst, 2020


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I was worried we would be clouded out with the bad weather, and it started with clouds. But we had a few opportunities that ended up being great between some bands of clouds before they hit the horizon so we started during the day light of sunset just in case to not miss an opportunity. We did mostly visual for the event, the kids got to see it with their eyes. Our favorite view came from the 200mm F6 newtonian on a basic alt-az mount with a wide eyepiece. Seeing both gas giants in one view with fairly good resolution and seeing some moons, despite it being close to the horizon, we benefited some good seeing conditions through thick atmosphere, I can only thank Florida's seeing conditions to have gotten a chance to see more than a smudge. As it got darker and the clouds parted, I did a single run of data through my C8 Edge with the reducer and a 224MC camera for a wider FOV just to see if we could capture a photo memory and ended up getting good data; the resulting image is the result of that single imaging run, not a composite, lifted the moons from the data in post and adjusted the brightness of Saturn in post. I think we had more fun visually seeing them than anything. Heard a lot of "wows" which was the best part.















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